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Berlin League Premiers 2017

Since the creation of the Berlin league back in 2011 the West Berlin Eagles had never had the opportunity to play in a grand final. After a break out season and finishing undefeated the boys finally had the chance to strut their stuff on the big stage aga

Berlin League Preview 2017

Berlin League Preview 2017 The cold, dark winter has passed and the weather and morale of the Berlin population is on the improve since the Berlin League season 2017 is about to begin. The four team AFL season in Berlin is back for another year with the G


Berlin League Round 1 Review

Eagles Soar, Giants hungover Last Saturday saw round 1 of the Berlin League kick off for season 2016 and boy were we treated to some good football. The boys were met with great weather and after preparing the field the new players waited anxiously to find


Berlin League Preview 2016

Berlin League Preview 2016 It is only 33 days away until the Berlin League kicks off for season 2016 and it is shaping up as one of the strongest for a long time. The South Berlin Giants celebrations have finally finished after their maiden premiership in


Footy is back – Crocs Preseason 2016

Footy is back – Crocs Preseason 2016 The Crocs are now three sessions into season 2016 and have enjoyed training in contrasting conditions from beautiful sunshine to wet, cold and muddy. Super Coach Con is back for another season which is great news


Review: Crocs on the rocks

Crocs on the rocks Like walking from Richmond station up Punt Rd on a Friday night to the lite-up ‘G’, you could feel an air of excitement 6:30am @Berlin HBF, as we boarded our 5hr journey to the middle of the fatherland, eager to destroy anything tha


Review: Berlin League Round 1

Review: Berlin League Round 1 The first round of the Berlin League featured an eagerly anticipated rematch of last years’ Grand Final with the East Berlin Mariners taking on the North Berlin Crows while the West Berlin Eagles were up against the 2014 wo

Results AFLG Round 4 and 5

Results Round 4 at Ludwigsburg/Freiberg. Ludwigsburg 6.4 (40) – Frankfurt 6.7 (43) Stuttgart 4.3 (27) – Munich 7.6 (48) Ludwigsburg 2.6 (18) – Stuttgart 7.9 (51) Frankfurt 1.2 (8) – Munich 11.14 (80) Ludwigsburg 1.2 (8) – Munich 10.11 (71) Frank


Results AFLG Round 3

R. Früh Kölsch 0.0 (0) – H. Swans 9.10 (64) Frankfurt 0.1 (1) – R.Früh Sport 15.7 (97) R. Früh Kölsch 2.5 (17) – Frankfurt 3.6 (24) H. Swans 3.2 (20) – R. Früh Sport 4.9 (33) R. Früh Kölsch 1.1 (7) – R. Früh Sport 11.7 (73) H.


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