New to Berlin

With this page we want to help our new members who just moved to Berlin/ to Europe and do not know what is important and needed in a new city and different country and where they can find it.

For most of our past members the Club was the first point to meet new people in a new city and therefor we would like to give you some informations about what to organize first.

Visa Issues

#coming soon


#coming soon

Bank Account

If you move to a new country and you wanna stay for at least one year. It is always good to open a bank account.

In Germany you were basicly looking for a so called Girokonto. It is pretty simple to open such a bank account and with an online banking option you do not have any problems in terms of language.

The only thing you basicly have to pay attantion in opening a bank account in Berlin is about the monthly fees. If you do not have a big income there Girokonto which are totaly free of fees like DKB Bank or DiBa.

Our official Partner in banking is the Postbank Berlin. If you need a quik solution please click on the link below. It also offers some Girokontos. With a free Version for under 22 year old ones called Giro Start Direkt, or the normal Giro Plus which is for free with a monthly income of 1.000 Euro.

Postbank Giro plus - das kostenlose Girokonto!

Job hunting

There is no official receipt to get a Job. The easiest way is to find a bar job. You dont even have to speak german in Berlin for that. But if you look for a job just ask the other members if they new some vacancies.

If you wanna increase the chance of a job you did before you should register on the german equivalent of linkedin. Its called Xing and you can just follow the link below.

If you have any question on how to write a german cover letter or cv just usk us.

XING - Jetzt kostenlos anmelden!

If you found a job

If you finally found a job you have to pay taxes and all the other social things. Usually you dont have to take care on that cause your company will automatically deduct it from your wages. If you stay for more then one year in Germany and you change your job during a year, or get a pay rise its good to start doing the income tax. You will pay the tax always based on 12 month, if there is a change of your wages during a year (even from 0 to a job) there is always a miscalculation and you will get some good money back at the end of a year. you can also get some money back for your monthly or if you buy some work related stuff like a laptop.

Another part of the deduction is the Rentenversicherung. Thats the money germans get when the retire from work. If you decided to go back to your home country after f.e. 3 years you of course dont need it. You can get all the money back you paid in for Rentenversicherung.

house hunting

It depends on what you want.

If you wanna find a flat for your own you can go to some websites like or If you then, after seeing the flat, decide to apply for a flat you often need to show the landlord the last three month income statement to prove you where able to finance the flat. A common ratio is 1/3 of your brutto income should be the max. rent. Also often the rent you find is a so called Kaltmiete. Have a look for the height of the sidecost like water or heating. Power is also not included. If you then got choosen by the landlord you have to pay 3 month of deposite. If you leave the flat in the condition you rented it you will get it back. So it is good when you take pictures before you move in. If the flat wasnt offered direct by the landlord you also have to pay up to 2 month rent for commission (it is possible that this was changed by law now). So be awere that you have to pay 5month rent upfront for a not furnished flat in Berlin.

If you were looking for a shared place, you can have look at websites like It is very common that those WGs (short for shared places) do some casting of new potential flatmates where you have to do competitions like cooking a meal, washing or what ever. DONT DO THIS, its not worth it. ;)


If you wanna come to a trainig and you still need some stuff, first option always ask us first. We have som espare footy boots we can give you. Otherwise we can recommend our Partner SportScheck. One of the biggest sport shops in germany. There is a shop for example in Steglitz on Schlossstraße. Easiest way to find some stuff is via our link. At our corporate section you can find our Partners and special offers. Allways worth a look on saving some money when you order at SportScheck

SportScheck Sale
Großer Sale bei SportScheck


By far the cheapest option for new furniture is IKEA. In Berlin there where 3 stores. One in Lichtenberg, one in Schöneberg and one in Spandau.

Also a good option is to look for second hand furniture. Best way is via local websites like


If you need a new Laptop for work you can always go to the big locals like Mediamarkt and Saturn. A good hint is to do some research on the internet, find a cheaper price then MediaMarkt has print it out, go again to MediaMarkt and ask at the Information for a better offer on what you found. They will do it.

Also an option is our partner Cyberport. You can easyly order and pay online and then pick it up at one of the Cyberport stores in Berlin.

Notebook & Tablet. Jetzt bei!

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