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Crocs Perfect Day In Dresden.

AFLG Dresden Tournament The sun was shining bright on Saturday the 21st of May, as 16 Crocs were gathering at S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz to head down to Dresden to play their second tournament of the 2016 home and away season. Spirits were high, and the train rid

Footy is back – Crocs Preseason 2016.

Footy is back – Crocs Preseason 2016 The Crocs are now three sessions into season 2016 and have enjoyed training in contrasting conditions from beautiful sunshine to wet, cold and muddy. Super Coach Con is back for another season which is great news

Review AFLG@Berlin: Bring on the Finals.

Bring on the Finals Last Saturday the Berlin Crocodiles hosted Tournament number 9 of the AFLG at Schiller Park. Disappointingly Cologne forfeited the day before leaving Berlin Crocodiles, Hamburg Swans and Dresden Wolves to do battle on the last match da

AFLG 9’s Berlin Crocodiles Tournament Preview.

AFLG 9’s Berlin Crocodiles Tournament Preview Where: Schiller Park, Wedding When: 13:00 Saturday the 20th June Who: Berlin Crocodiles (4th place), Hamburg Swans (3rd), Dresden Wolves (8th) and Rheinland Früh Kölsch (10th) The AFLG 9’s come to Berlin

Review: Crocs Special Dresden after game party.

Crocs Special Dresden after game party A lazy 800am meet at tower Ritter Sport saw the start of the boys journey to a city never ventured by the mighty Crocs. Through the land of Gürkens, over the Radus(ch), by Hoyswerder,  along the Elbe and into Dresd

Review: Crocs on the rocks.

Crocs on the rocks Like walking from Richmond station up Punt Rd on a Friday night to the lite-up ‘G’, you could feel an air of excitement 6:30am @Berlin HBF, as we boarded our 5hr journey to the middle of the fatherland, eager to destroy anything tha

Review: Berlin League Round 1.

Review: Berlin League Round 1 The first round of the Berlin League featured an eagerly anticipated rematch of last years’ Grand Final with the East Berlin Mariners taking on the North Berlin Crows while the West Berlin Eagles were up against the 2014 wo

PLAYER PROFILE: Bart Rijckaert.

INTRODUCING THE NEW CAPTAIN OF THE BERLIN CROCS – BART RIJCKAERT Nationality: Dutch How long have you played football? I have been playing for the Crocs since the preseason in 2013, and I’d never touched a footy before that. When I was younger I

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