Crocs Perfect Day In Dresden

AFLG Dresden Tournament

The sun was shining bright on Saturday the 21st of May, as 16 Crocs were gathering at S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz to head down to Dresden to play their second tournament of the 2016 home and away season. Spirits were high, and the train ride was over quickly after a decisive Rabbit Roll win from Captain Bart over Rowan.

Once in Dresden, we were sadly informed that the Stuttgart Emus had not been able to recruit a full team, and thus forfeited all their games during the day. This meant that the Crocs had to face two of their original three opponents; the Dresden Wolves and the Hamburg Swans. With Stuttgart dropping out, the Crocs were facing a tough tournament by playing two back to back games against teams they had only narrowly managed to defeat last season. Temperatures never dropping below the 20 °C mark, and a slight breeze along the length of the field provided perfect conditions for the 5th tournament day in the 2016 AFLG.

Game 1: Dresden Wolves 4.6 (30) def by Berlin Crocodiles 11.3 (69)

The Crocs had a strong opening half in their first game of the day against the Dresden Wolves, with Handsome Dan reigning supreme in the ruck and Dresden definitely feeling the absence of their solid ruckman Fabian. Superior play around the midfield by first time Croc Steele Sexton, Mitch New and Luke Edwards saw plenty of kicks landing in the hands of Rowan Miegel, who once again proved why he is one of the best players in the league by setting the Crocs up with a comfortable lead going into the second half. Powerhouse backman Johnny Mouat unfortunately had to drop out after the first half because of a muscle injury, doubling his career  play-time for the Crocs. However, a lack of concentration after half time saw an almost complete turnaround of the game, with Dresden hitting the scoreboard hard. Excellent crumbing efforts by another first time Croc Lewis Trickery combined with contest-smasher extraordinaire Gerrit ‘Gezza’ Hahn provided offensive pressure, whereas tough tackles and dedicated running in the back-line by Chrissy Woods and Nick Schmiedeke managed to contain the onslaught the Wolves brought in the second half.

Game 2: Hamburg Swans 1.3 (9) def by Berlin Crocodiles 14.9 (93)

After a far from perfect last 15 minutes against the Wolves, coach Conny carved into the players like a rabid zombie T-Rex with lasers, and the boys knew they had to bring their A-game against the Swans if they wanted to conclude the day with 3 wins. The first half against Hamburg saw more excellent offensive marking by Lewis Trickery, and coach Con managed to slot a couple through the big poles himself. The ruck was again well in favor of the Crocs, this time in a combined effort by Handsome Dan and Rowan. The second half saw the Crocs further dominating the flow of the game, and with Will Ackers tackling around the ruck like a Pitbull on speed, Hamburg did not see a lot of kicks landing accurately in their forward line. When they did, superb spoiling efforts by yet another first time Croc Johnny Maguire, Wild Bill and again Chrissy Woods saw the Crocs retaliating fast by a dedicated switch play and consistent build up from the back line.

Special shout-out to the supporting Crocs Jan ‘Trevor the Kermit’ Meinecke and Rhys ‘There can be only one’ Mongers, Nicky and Layla Ackworth and Michael ‘The Flash’ Unterberger for providing us with beautiful photos and videos of the entire day. The boys finished off nicely by a night on the town long to be remembered, where Captain Bart once and for all showed that you can indeed boogie with cargo pants from the 90s.

As a closing note: We most certainly DID NOT start the fire.

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