Review: Crocs Special Dresden after game party

Crocs Special Dresden after game party

A lazy 800am meet at tower Ritter Sport saw the start of the boys journey to a city never ventured by the mighty Crocs. Through the land of Gürkens, over the Radus(ch), by Hoyswerder,  along the Elbe and into Dresden Mitte ready to tempt fate.

The dice were rolling early as our team Nerd (and Captain), Sir Bart, entertained the boys train ride with a game of ‘Wabbit’…and jeeez did the fellas get all over that. It could be the new poker nights.

A short walk through stadium city and the boys landed at the ground in the stifling heat and took cover under the trees while home team Wolves prepared the ground.


No doubt every Croc had in their mind the Wolves would be a pushover, so you could see it was tough going in the first for the boys to really get their motor running. The wolves to their credit were tough, hard, athletic and a lot fitter. But the boys, as we know they can, fought their way through, contest after contest, pinging a goal here and there. Into the break we took a modest 2 goal lead.

The second half saw a different Crocs outfit and also unusually inaccurate in-front of goal. Our big Rowe though eventually finding his touch nailing a couple early, while big Soda worked down his fellow ruckman. The backline, like all year, just presented wall after wall, while Aka and Paddy laid the hard midfield tackles.

It took its toll on Dresden aka Bombers, as the Crocs burst away to the their first win of the day.

Play of the game going to the flying Dutchman for slipping outta the backline to kick a true backmen’s goal.

Scoreline: Wolves 2.2.14 def by Crocs 8.11.59



A two game break saw the boys extremely lethargic, as all teams tried to come to terms with the 30c+ weather.

Next up was Hamburg – the only to have broken our backs.

The first half was played with intensity, with Hamburg though breaking away early to a 2 goal lead. But the boys held strong with some strong midfield work and a few early goals.

The game ebbed and flowed and it looked as though we may be able to hang in there, but the experience and clean ball movement of the Pirates got them over the line, in what was a good performance by our boys.

Final Score: Crocs 4.7.31 def by Pirates 5.8.38



The final game looked to be the toughest, against the undefeated Munich Kangaroos, who with ease disposed of Hamburg just 2 games beforehand. The concentration levels from both were a struggle, with beer on most people’s mind after 4 hours of hot hot heat – but Crocs Coach Conny didn’t let that linger for too long, and a chance to beat Munich is always close to the heart of a Croc.

Kangaroos started well, kicking the first two, but a few handy Rowe goals put the game back on even terms nearing the end of the first half, though Munich answered with a few quick ones of their own and it was the Crocs trailing by 2 goals at the end of the first half.

15 minutes of tough, hard football followed – our boys swinging back into gear, hitting the lead by point half way the second term. The blood was pumping, the boys could feel a lull in the Kangaroos and went for the kill. But a few kicks on the wrong side of the posts, like had been the story for most of the day, gave Munich a sniff and that is all they needed. With 2 minutes left on the clock they bagged 2 quick goals to give them the slight edge. But we can take away 13 scoring shots to 12.

We’ll be back boys, don’t you worry!

Scoreline: Crocs 4.9.33 def by Kangaroos 8.4.62



Then…party time.

Beers flowed, hostel Morgen was popped, boys tops were swinging, Woodsy had a bed…and before ya knew it was morning. Then sun was shining, Benno was suddenly there, or was he!?

A late night saw a well-earned sleep, only to wake and discover we were dancing all night on stage with our tops off a Dresden Mardi gra party – nooooooow it all makes sense.

Oh well, bahn beers will wipe that memory – and future Crocs can deal with this coming Monday hangover.


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