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Play a season in Australia with the HAY LIONS

It is our pleasure to announce the Berlin Crocodiles have formed an international alliance with the Hay Lions Australian Football Club.

What does this mean?

The Hay Lions have generously invited Germany-based Australian Rules Football Players to come play a season with them in country New South Wales, Australia. The Lions will help any players interested to find work and accommodation for the football season and if required, even longer.

This represents a great opportunity to meet some colourful characters and gain some precious footy knowledge as country footy players are amongst the hardest and most skillful.

What is included?

Naturally if you are interested, you will be required to arrange the flights, organise an approriate visa and cover your expenses whilst in Australia. As mentioned above the Hay Lions will help you find accomodation and work in the area.

I’m keen, who do I contact?

Interested players should write to the Hay Lions directly via Ian Auldist.

Interesting links

Hay Lions Club Website
Hay NSW on Wikipedia,_New_South_Wales
Hay NSW Official Website

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