Lucas Buerschaper

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  • LocationGermany
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Introducing the Crocs Assistant Coach and resident hardman Lucas Buerschaper

How long have you played Football?

I first started playing football in 2011.

How did you get involved with the Berlin Crocodiles?

I got invited down to the Crocs from Conny and Petey.

What is your proudest footballing moment?

My proudest moment would have to be participating in the European Cup in London for the German national team, which was also my first official game as a German Eagle.

What is your favourite position and why?

I like to play in the center as it poses a big challenge for fitness as well as skills and therefore it provides me with new experiences to improve my football skills. I also like playing in defense, because it’s a responsible and supportive position with lots of physical contact.

What is your teammate’s worst habit?

Always kicking the ball off the ground and not bending over and putting your head over the ball and picking it up.

What do you think to be your strongest attribute of your game?

My hardness and also my willingness to give everything for my teammates and team.

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